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Re: Jetty6 packaging

Paul Cager wrote:
Greg Wilkins wrote:
Paul Cager wrote:
On Thu, November 8, 2007 09:33, Greg Wilkins wrote:
The ant task then goes on to run dpkg-buildpackage and
dpkg-deb in order to create libjetty6-java and jetty6
These are quite low-level tools, and you might be making more work for
yourself than is necessary.
Those are the tools that the maint-guide uses - so I just followed that.

Woops. Sorry, you're right.

So I'm going to push ahead with my approach to get binary packages for
most of Jetty (and then hightide).  That will allow us to test the
layout and make sure it is all OK.

Sounds good to me.

Do you know of any other java packages out there that are being
built with maven?  I know the challenge there will be to stop
maven downloading dependencies and only use ones installed from
other deb packages.  It would be invaluable to follow the work
of others in this regard.

Although there is a Maven package in Debian, at the moment it's not
possible to build Debian packages with Maven. There are a number of
Maven plugins we need to package before that's possible. In the mean
time you might be able to create an ant build file... Not nice, I know.

Check out the maven-ant-helper, it contains a build.xml that can build a lot of the Maven-based builds.


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