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Re: Jetty6 packaging

Greg Wilkins wrote:
> Paul Cager wrote:
>> On Thu, November 8, 2007 09:33, Greg Wilkins wrote:
>>> The ant task then goes on to run dpkg-buildpackage and
>>> dpkg-deb in order to create libjetty6-java and jetty6
>>> packages.
>> These are quite low-level tools, and you might be making more work for
>> yourself than is necessary.
> Those are the tools that the maint-guide uses - so I just followed that.

Woops. Sorry, you're right.

> So I'm going to push ahead with my approach to get binary packages for
> most of Jetty (and then hightide).  That will allow us to test the
> layout and make sure it is all OK.

Sounds good to me.

> Do you know of any other java packages out there that are being
> built with maven?  I know the challenge there will be to stop
> maven downloading dependencies and only use ones installed from
> other deb packages.  It would be invaluable to follow the work
> of others in this regard.

Although there is a Maven package in Debian, at the moment it's not
possible to build Debian packages with Maven. There are a number of
Maven plugins we need to package before that's possible. In the mean
time you might be able to create an ant build file... Not nice, I know.

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