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Re: IcedTea - a first step towards OpenJDK

peter green schrieb:
> Matthias Klose wrote:
>> ok, except wget should not be part of the b-d's, if the zip file
>> already exists.
> The configure script checks for it and errors if it is not there.

well, then its cheaper to add it.

>> did you set the 32bit personality before entering the chroot? If not
>> try to use
>> schroot which does this for you (if correctly configured).
> no, I've never had to for building debian packages before and i've no
> idea how to do it either. I really would rather avoid switching to a
> soloution like schroot if I can. Is there a way I can set it manually?
> (googling for linux kernel personality brought up mostly info on the
> linux compatibility features in sco unix)

well, this is wrong, you are lacking the correct libraries. see linux32(1) for
the personality thing.

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