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Re: Java buildd service

On 7/2/07, Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de> wrote:

I have setup a local buildd locally to be able to testbuild all packages
maintained by the Debian Java Maintainers. In the first test builds only
the usual suspects failed which have already filed FTBFS bugs in the

I suggest contacting Lucas Nussbaum (of debian-qa), who has been
rebuilding the archive regularly on a 5000 node distributed cluster in
France (no net access from inside the cluster). I'm sure he would be
more than willing to help setup whatever special situation is needed
for debian-java. He did a presentation about this at debconf, video is
probably on meetings-archive.d.n by now. I imagine the tests you
mention across all of debian-java would take a matter of minutes.

Latest FTBFS logs from his archive rebuild are here:




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