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Java buildd service

Hello list,

I have setup a local buildd locally to be able to testbuild all packages
maintained by the Debian Java Maintainers. In the first test builds only
the usual suspects failed which have already filed FTBFS bugs in the

I would like to provide this service to be able to test all the java
packages when a dependency gets updated and may be API incompatible.
This allows us to find issues before we upload the package into the
official archive. We can also test new toolchains.

The setup currently uses pbuilder but I will migrate it to
cowbuilder/lvmpbuilder soon to get a better performance.

If you packages you want me to test build with all its
reverse-dependencies please mail me.

What do you think?

 .''`.  | Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de>
: :' :  | Free Java Developer <http://www.classpath.org>
`. `'   |
  `-    | 1024D/BAC5 4B28 D436 95E6 F2E0 BD11 5923 A008 2763 483B

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