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Re: arachnophilia undo/redo

Graham Evans wrote:
> Calling for:
> hints on what to do/ possible causes/fixes...

- make sure you are not using a free non-sun java implementation
accidentally that might behave not 100% exactly as the sun
implementation the program seems to be tested against. Check to ouput of
java -version to see which java is on your default path.

- I am not sure if mixing architectures is possible, but because the
different bitness of your system to the system of the developer where
he's testing it, you might try to run the stuff on a 32 bit java, and
see what's happening.

- you could try and see if the problem also exists on a clean Etch
install. Actually, I just tried it on Etch and Ubuntu Dapper with the
package sun-java5-bin , and I don't see it happening - undo works fine
here. (on 32 bit)

- you could try to delete/recreate any java related config files you
have on your system from scratch, and see if that helps.

- I assume from your post that you always used Debian packages for sun
java(but I am not 100% sure). You could instead try to get a Java tar.gz
from Sun of the same version as the debian packages provide it, install
it, and see what happens.

- lastly, you could ask Paul Lutus about which java methods are used for
the undo function you are missing, and try to get nearer to the lines of
code in either arachnophilia or the java implementation you use to help
track down the problem. Maybe arachnophilia has a unit test suite, and
you can try if these tests run fine.
As arachnophilia is not free and seems not to come with sources, your
possibilities to check the problem seem very limited to me.

- Depending on how much time and work you want to invest, you might also
just try using bluefish, another nice html editor :)

> Hints on which package to file a bug against (the latest jre?  1.5 AND
> 1.6?)

You _could_ for sure just file a bug against one of the java packages
used and needed by the software you are trying to run.

Maybe someone finds the time to do all the tracking down I described
before, and fix the problem when found. I'd guess this is a little
unlikely, because debugging problems with non-free software for which
sources are not available, is not a fun thing, and compatibility of
Debian with such stuff is probably not the most important point on the

So it would be mutch better if you can give further details. Like, a
more exact analysis of what is causing the problem as described above,
until really the java function that is called - and does not behave as
expected - when the error occurs, and, even better, you can provide a
fix that changes the stuff to work fine.


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