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Re: RFS: freemind and dependencies

On 4/4/07, Eric Lavarde - Debian <deb@zorglub.s.bawue.de> wrote:
Arnaud Vandyck said:
> If you have packages that build with gcj-java-compat-dev
I tried (not too hard to be honest) to get all packages compiling with
gcj, but without success. My plan was actually to get all these packages
into Debian (compiled with Sun's compiler), and then A. patch code or B.
flag bugs against classpath/gcj until FreeMind and dependencies compile
and run.
It's perhaps not the best approach and I'm happy to hear about alternative

It's a good approach even if I prefer building and running with free jvm's.

Nevertheless, everything should compile with Blackdown Java (I assume, I
don't know, it worked a while ago); would this be an alternative!?

I must admit I did not try to build it with IBM's jdk.

I'll try to rebuild your packages with ibm's jdk and upload them.


Arnaud Vandyck

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