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Re: RFS: freemind and dependencies

Hi Arnaud,

thanks for your answer.

Arnaud Vandyck said:
>> Package: libjibx-java (src)
> You build it with Sun's jdk and I don't have it (ppc). I tried to
> build it with java-gcj-compat-dev but it failed to generate byte code
> somewhere in the build process. Also, you set ANT_HOME, and you put
> ant-launcher in debian/rules. These two lines are no more needed.
OK, will fix these two things.

> If you have packages that build with gcj-java-compat-dev, just give me
> the url to the orig tarball and the name of the directory in SVN and
> I'll be glad to review and upload if possible.
I tried (not too hard to be honest) to get all packages compiling with
gcj, but without success. My plan was actually to get all these packages
into Debian (compiled with Sun's compiler), and then A. patch code or B.
flag bugs against classpath/gcj until FreeMind and dependencies compile
and run.
It's perhaps not the best approach and I'm happy to hear about alternative

Nevertheless, everything should compile with Blackdown Java (I assume, I
don't know, it worked a while ago); would this be an alternative!?

Cheers, Eric
Eric de France, d'Allemagne et de Navarre

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