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Re: FLOSS and servlets: recommendations

On Sat, 2006-08-05 at 15:06 +0100, MrDemeanour wrote:
> Hi, I'm new here.
> I've googled extensively for information on how best to run Java
> servlets on Debian, and failed to turn up any documents that seem to be
> recent, or relevant to the present situation.
> I'm running Sarge, and my system is using the "main" repository. My
> preference is for Tomcat, but unless I'm much mistaken, Tomcat isn't
> there at all. What's the reason for this, and why is there no decent
> explanation in the Debian-Java FAQ?
> I know how to install Sun Java and Tomcat on a Debian system; but as I
> say, I'm using only main, and I don't want to start bringing in non-free
> or contrib material, for reasons related to maintenance and stability,
> as well as to politics. So what is the best servlet container that is
> consistent with the use of the main repository? Why is there no comment
> on this in the Debian-Java FAQ?

Why should a package specific-question be answered in a FAQ related to
something different?

> I'm aware that Debian and Java have had a troubled relationship, and I
> understand fairly well what is at the root of the problems. I'd like to
> run fairly simple servlets and JSP pages, and I'm not committed to using
> Tomcat, although I believe it's the fastest, stablest and most capable
> free-beer servlet container. But I'm damned if I can find any decent
> online comparison of the performance and correctness of the competing
> systems.

Jetty is definitely the easiest and fastest specification-compliant
servlet container there is out there.

> I suspect that at the root of this, there is a licensing conflict
> between Apache and the Debian project. Can anyone point me at a document
> explaining what the issues are, and whether any light is visible at the
> far end of the tunnel?

As Andrew said in another reply, it's beacuse it required sun-specific

> If I can't build a FLOSS servlet server using Debian today, then I'll
> have to stick with Tomcat on Windows, until a fully-FLOSS servlet server
> is possible on Debian. But how come Fedora seem to be able to offer one,
> and Debian can't? [excuse my cluelessness] Is Fedora significantly less
> committed to Free-Libre than the Debian project? Is that the reason?

You don't have to go all the way to Windows to be able to run tomcat,
just download Sun's jdk, create a deb of it and use tomcat.


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