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FLOSS and servlets: recommendations

Hi, I'm new here.

I've googled extensively for information on how best to run Java
servlets on Debian, and failed to turn up any documents that seem to be
recent, or relevant to the present situation.

I'm running Sarge, and my system is using the "main" repository. My
preference is for Tomcat, but unless I'm much mistaken, Tomcat isn't
there at all. What's the reason for this, and why is there no decent
explanation in the Debian-Java FAQ?

I know how to install Sun Java and Tomcat on a Debian system; but as I
say, I'm using only main, and I don't want to start bringing in non-free
or contrib material, for reasons related to maintenance and stability,
as well as to politics. So what is the best servlet container that is
consistent with the use of the main repository? Why is there no comment
on this in the Debian-Java FAQ?

I'm aware that Debian and Java have had a troubled relationship, and I
understand fairly well what is at the root of the problems. I'd like to
run fairly simple servlets and JSP pages, and I'm not committed to using
Tomcat, although I believe it's the fastest, stablest and most capable
free-beer servlet container. But I'm damned if I can find any decent
online comparison of the performance and correctness of the competing

I suspect that at the root of this, there is a licensing conflict
between Apache and the Debian project. Can anyone point me at a document
explaining what the issues are, and whether any light is visible at the
far end of the tunnel?

If I can't build a FLOSS servlet server using Debian today, then I'll
have to stick with Tomcat on Windows, until a fully-FLOSS servlet server
is possible on Debian. But how come Fedora seem to be able to offer one,
and Debian can't? [excuse my cluelessness] Is Fedora significantly less
committed to Free-Libre than the Debian project? Is that the reason?

And why is none of this explained properly in the Debian-Java FAQ?

Best regards,

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