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Re: [Debian-Java] Bits from the FOSDEM


>> If the library builds with a free VM and only runs partially under a
>> free
>> VM, the question should be "is there a program ready to go to main,
>> depending on this library, and running under a free VM with this
>> library?"; if the answer would be yes, then the library MUST go to main,
>> in order to allow the program to go to main as well.
> Thats the intention for this change. Which is by the way explained in the
> draft as rational point 3.
> There are libraries which are needed for programs runnable by free
> runtimes.
> That means that the libraries parts/classes/features used by this program
> work on free runtimes.
I understood this, and my point (which you've cut out) was more that if
there is no program able to use this library with a free VM and/or if the
maintainer of the library can't think of any use case where his library
could work under a free VM, then the library SHOULD NOT/CANNOT be part of
Also: will the rational be part of the finalized policy?


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