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Re: [Debian-Java] Bits from the FOSDEM

Hi all,

Eric Lavarde - Debian wrote:
> Hi,
>>>>- java libraries can go to main if they can be built with free VM;

> If the library builds with a free VM and only runs partially under a free
> VM, the question should be "is there a program ready to go to main,
> depending on this library, and running under a free VM with this
> library?"; if the answer would be yes, then the library MUST go to main,
> in order to allow the program to go to main as well.

Thats the intention for this change. Which is by the way explained in the
draft as rational point 3.

There are libraries which are needed for programs runnable by free runtimes.
That means that the libraries parts/classes/features used by this program
work on free runtimes.


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