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pkg-java svn layout (was: Re: r1980 - /)

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Hi all,

Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Author: avdyk
> Date: 2006-03-09 22:25:05 +0000 (Thu, 09 Mar 2006)
> New Revision: 1980
> Added:
>    packages/
> Log:
> new directory where to put the packages

I made some tests with svn-buildpackage and I really like it. The tool
uses the layout (svn-inject -o PACKAGE_VERSION.dsc

1- packageName/trunk/debian/
2-            /branches/upstream/VERSION_NUMBER
3-            /branches/upstream/current
4-            /tags/

The '-o' argument to svn-inject tells it not to upload upstream tarball
in subversion repository.

1- it puts the debian directory in the pkgName/trunk directory

2- in pkgName/branches you have upstream tarball content. If you pass
'-o' to svn-inject, upstream will not be uploaded but empty directories
with release numbers will be.

3- pkgName/branches/current: I suppose it's the current upstream release.

4- pkgName/tags: is where we can put tags like the DEBIAN_VERSION.

If you respect the directory layout, you can use svn-buildpackage to
build the package. Put upstream tarball outside the svn working
directory (I did /home/arnaud/debian/upstream) and then:
$ cd pkgName
$ ls
branches  tags  trunk
$ svn-buildpackage \
 --svn-override=origDir=/home/arnaud/debian/upstream/ \
 -uc -us -rfakeroot

and it just build...

The goal of this mail is to know if you are ok if we change the
directory layout to:


If everybody is ok with it, I can do the change and we'll be able to use
the svn-inject and svn-buildpackge.

Maybe there is another way to use svn-buildpackage and svn-inject so we
could use the directory layout we have at the moment. If you know how,
I'd be happy to know how.

Also, if I recall, the directory layout we chose was because it was
easier to convert the cvs repository this way and also, I think it
permit us to checkout every packages without having to checkout ALL the
tags of those packages.

Thanks for your comments,

PS: I prefere all the discussion mails to be on debian-java and pkg-java
to be the bug reports and svn notification list, but you can also tell
me what you think about it ;-)

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