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Re: Re: Java policy draft; a road map proposal...

Pierre Métras writes:
 > > Wolfgang Baer wrote:
 > > [...]
 > > > Beside that I recognize the value a Java Developer Guide could have.
 > > I definitely agree, many thanks Pierre for volunteer :-D
 > OK, I volunteer but I'll start small, improving the wiki content when I find 
 > some time...
 > Perhaps my thought has been mis-interpreted. I don't think that we
 > need to write a Developer Guide now, as it will spread our too
 > limited resources on too many goals.

Maybe such a Developer Guide would also be useful for other GNU/Linux
distributions.  OK, there are a few Debian-speciic issues, but surely
most of the problems a developer might encounter are more general than

I'm aware from the questions we get asked on the gcj list that we need
some proper user documentation.


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