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Re: Java policy draft; a road map proposal...


Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Pierre Métras wrote:
>>>Hello list,
> Salut Pierre,
>>>Having read the new Draft page, read again another time many pages on the 
>>>wiki, in the Java FAQ and in the Java Policy, the java-common bugs, I still 
>>>stay with the feeling that there is no clear roadmap for Java in Debian, 
>>>beginning with the Java Policy.

You are right that there is a lot to do. However as you wrote only few people
care about java and these already do a hard work to keep things going.

Help in improving documentation is it updating the Java FAQ, writing a
Java Developers Guide or working on the wiki stuff would be greatly
appreciated. As well as packagers are welcome :-)

> You are right, there is not yet clear roadmap for Java in Debian. The
> Debian-Java policy will fix some gaps, but I'm not in for a Debian-Java
> Developer's guide in the Debian-Java policy! ;-)
> IMHO, the Debian Java Policy must say that you have to tag a package,
> not how to do it. Where to put the api documentation, not how to do it, etc.


> But I completely agree with you, we need a Debian Java Developer's guide
> or something equivalent. The wiki could be a starting point and a lot of
> the topics in your mail MUST be solved. Many thanks for pointing them.
> Also (maybe you already know), there are some points that are not easy
> to fix :-D
> I'll think about a way to achieve your goal but I *personnaly* don't
> want to put the howto's in the policy.

That has nothing to do with a personal opinion - it just doesn't belong there.
Beside that I recognize the value a Java Developer Guide could have.


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