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Re: Trying to build jonas deb package

Hi Praveen,

प्रवीण् ए (Praveen A) wrote:
2006/1/20, Wolfgang Baer <WBaer@gmx.de>:

kaffe is currently the only VM with the corba rmi stuff. So you should try
to compile with kaffe. Or patch the use of corba out in the build system.
May be a non-trivial task - depends on the quality of the build file :-)

Now installed kaffe
pravi@icon113:~/jonas$ kaffe -version
java full version "kaffe-1.4.2"
    [javac] Compiling 2 source files to /home/pravi/jonas/classes/common
    [javac] ----------
    [javac] 1. ERROR in
    [javac]  (at line 40)
    [javac]     import org.apache.tools.ant.util.depend.DependencyAnalyzer;
    [javac]            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    [javac] The import org.apache.tools.ant.util.depend cannot be resolved
    [javac] ----------
    [javac] 2. ERROR in
    [javac]  (at line 132)
    [javac]     private DependencyAnalyzer dependencyAnalyzer;
    [javac]             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Quite clear that you miss a build dependency on ant-optional. You should make
notes about what dependencies you need, so you don't forget them later in the
debian/control file :-)


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