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Re: Current status of your swt-gtk package

* Joe Smith <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> [2005-10-22 14:51]:
> >From http://www.backports.org/~mkoch/unstable/ eclipse_3.1-10.diff.gz it
> >appears that first the (bootstrap) ecj compiler is built using gcj, then
> >the rest of eclipse is compiled with the natively compiled bootstrap ecj.
> Ok. The natively compiled ecj, does this then compile a non-native ecj? If 
> so that kind of reminds me of the gcc boostrapping.

Yes.  This is the procedure we worked out for bootstrapping Eclipse builds
for Fedora.  I've actually found some issues with a natively-compiled ecj
being used for the rest of the Eclipse build so we do this:

1. build ecj to bytecode using gcj -C
2. use the resulting ecj to re-build itself (using upstream's methods)
3. use _this_ resulting ecj as the "javac" for the rest of the Eclipse
   build procecudure (again using upstream's methods)

After the upstream build procedure finishes, we natively-compile each jar
with gcj.



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