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Re: Running Eclipse 3.0.1 packages on a few VMs

On Fri, 2005-14-01 at 08:53 +0200, Thomas Fogwill wrote:
> Kaffe(1.1.4.PRECVS6-1): 
> works with the original and patched launcher scripts (except for the
> common "workbench state" error that happens with all the free VMs I
> tried - see below). Also, eclipse crashes occasionally on kaffe during
> startup with an SWTException (Widget is disposed).

I wonder, but does this crash also happen when eclipse is compiled with
Sun's JDK?

> SableVM(1.1.8-1.1): 
> seems to work (mostly) with the standard and patched launcher scripts.
> When it starts up, it displays a dialog with an error: "The Eclipse
> executable launcher was unable to locate its companion startup.jar
> file ...", even though the jar file is there. Also, the splash screen
> does not show, and an exception is thrown:
> Message: While loading class "org.eclipse.ui.plugin.AbstractUIPlugin",
> thread "Framework Event Dispatcher" timed out waiting (5000ms) for
> thread "Main-1" to finish starting bundle "org.eclipse.ui.workbench". To
> avoid deadlock, thread "Framework Event Dispatcher" is proceeding but
> "org.eclipse.ui.plugin.AbstractUIPlugin" may not be fully initialized.
> Thrown at EclipseClassLoader.java:102

Yes, we've seen this before.  It is not good it ignores a lock after
only 5 seconds.  Maybe, as a debian-specific patch we could have this
timeout somewhat increased?  20s?

Thanks and cheers,

			Grzegorz B. Prokopski
Grzegorz B. Prokopski           <gadek@sablevm.org>
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