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Eclipse 3.0 Running on Kaffe

Following up on my earlier notification of Eclipse 3.0 packages.

They now successfully compile Eclipse and **RUN** Eclipse using a Free
JVM (Kaffe). This means, excluding a few packages, Eclipse 3.0 is ALMOST
clear to go into main.

Currently missing and needed:

liblucene-java: This is in contrib for some reason. Have not researched.

libjsch-java: This package does not exist. Eclipse includes a
pre-compiled version of this library. This is not acceptable.

My Eclipse packages also currently include a separate copy of Ant and
Tomcat. Fixing this is simply a matter of linking the right folders from
Tomcat into the proper Eclipse plug-ins. Minor work, will complete soon.

Tomcat nor Ant prevent Eclipse from being used at this point however.
Source for both is included and compiled, and it integrates well.

The sources for these packages is located at:


These are compiled for my desktop installation of Ubuntu warty/hoary.
The source packages should be re-compilable on unstable. PLEASE

Brief overview:

Kaffe is used as a JVM. Kaffe is used to compile the Eclipse JDT
plug-in. Once the JDT is compiled, its javac is used to compile the rest
of Eclipse. This basically means Eclipse compiles itself.

Native libraries are hacked in and dumped in /usr/lib/eclipse
and /usr/lib/jni. These could be cleaned up a bit, just haven't gotten

A feature site is created at /usr/local/share/eclipse. This allows
plug-ins to be installed locally in this directory
and /usr/share/eclipse to be kept read only.

The property osgi.locking=none is passed to Eclipse at startup. This
prevents use of the .lock file, for tracking multiple instances of
Eclipse. This is disabled because Kaffe's Classpath does not support
javax.nio. No idea how this will effect multiple instances... not really

This packages started out as a clean effort. I talked to tromey from
RedHat a bit. I learned a lot from the JPackage packages he worked on. I
got the basics working, then merged in parts of Jan's Eclipse 2.1
packages. In the end, it's really a unique beast... but I copied various
things from both packages. Credit is owed to both of these efforts.

I have decided not to expend any effort on the Motif version of SWT.
RedHat and JPackage have decided not to include this in their
packages... and I agree with the basic idea. The GTK version works on
all the archs, the Motif version is ugly. The only reason to include the
Motif version would be for completeness, but I don't care. If somebody
wants to submit patches to do it properly, please go ahead.

The packages are hard coded for i386 right now. This shouldn't be too
hard to fix, as we build completely with open source tools. Eclipse has
an odd architecture setup however which I have not yet mastered.

I want to know about everybody's efforts to build these packages on
their systems. I have had a FEW lock-ups during development involving
Kaffe... few, but it happens. If this happens, stack traces are needed.

Please enjoy!

Jerry Haltom <wasabi@larvalstage.net>

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