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Re: Orphaning eclipse packages (asking here first)

Hallo Laszlo,

* Laszlo 'GCS' Boszormenyi wrote:
> Anyway, a group of people may be better than one maintaining it.

Yes, thats true!

> Just looking into it; well, your rules should use a tab character
>before "# Lets install next to the old version" instead of spaces.

Arg, that was on of the last changes before uplaoding. I wanted to do
some more comemnts, so it's more readable.

i really should switch to ecmacs for coding...

>> few hacks in the package to work around cdbs shortcomings.
> Was the original rules so complicated? cdbs may tie you in several
>things when you have to be flexible for such a big application.

The original rules file wasn't so complex, but was split into several
places, as I used bash scripts o handle compiling and such things. So
the overall build sequence was even more a complex.

If you delte the swt rules, it gets better, but I didn'T want to
delete them as thy might be usefull for someone.

Nice greetings, Jan
Jan Schulz                     jasc@gmx.net
     "Wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm."

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