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Re: Orphaning eclipse packages (asking here first)


* Jan Schulz <debian@katzien.de> [2004-09-19 11:58:11 +0200]:

> Real life got me and right now I'm not able to do a proper packaging
> of eclipse3. I'm also not that much interested in the moment in java
> packages as I'm not anymore working as a java programmer.
 Well, this is true for me as well, but I have a Java class again at the
university and have a small program to do for that.

> The eclipse package is quite complex, especially the build system, as
> upstream doesn't build everything from source and has some funny
> asumtion about available JDKs and modifies the build tree without
> undoing it in the clean target. Mainataining it when its ready will
> not be a big problem, IMO it is quite nicely layouted and should not
> have any big problems afterwards.
 Anyway, a group of people may be better than one maintaining it.

> I'm uploading my current work (the debian things only, the upstream
> zip is about 55MB) to www.katzien.de/debian/eclipse3/. Just drop the
> upstream part into the main dir and cdbs should pick it up via
> DEB_TARBALL in debian/rules. 
 Just looking into it; well, your rules should use a tab character
before "# Lets install next to the old version" instead of spaces.

> So, if anyone would like to step up, here is a nice packages waiting
> for you! 
 I would like to, but please note that I have several drawbacks: I am
not even a Debian Developer, hasn't used Eclipse much, time restrictions
etc. But I hope a group may form on this list to maintain it, and I can
help as part of that group. Also, I think hacking on Kaffe would suit me
more; to help *all* Java applications to migrate to main as they can be
built and run with free Java implementations.

> To get you a easier way in: have a look at the clean target and the
> debhelper.in rules. cdbs knowledge won't hurt either, as there are a
> few hacks in the package to work around cdbs shortcomings.
 Was the original rules so complicated? cdbs may tie you in several
things when you have to be flexible for such a big application.


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