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VOTE for mpkg2-j2se/java-package (Re: about mpkg-j2se)

Hi Sam and Michael,

Thanks for your comments.

> Takashi Okamoto wrote:
> > I would like discuss about mpkg-j2se package. It should be upload soon
> > for sarge. Please give me comment. I modified j2se-package at
> > following point:
> > * j2se-package isn't intuitive and rename to mpkg-j2se.
> Here I support the comment of Sam Morris: Make it after the kernel-package:
> 'java-package' for the package; 'make-jpkg' for the binary.

Others may say the package name sould show it's function and
kernel-package is unintuition. If the people prefer
java-package/mpkg-jpkg are more than the people prefer mpkg-j2se, I
rename package. I would like to call brief vote for java pacakge. 

[ ] 1. mpkg-j2se/mpkg-j2se
       * intuition than kernel-package.

[ ] 2. make-jpkg/make-jpkg
       * same as mpkg-j2se but name is based on make-kpkg.

[ ] 3. java-package/make-jpkg
       * same as kernal-package.

[ ] 4. other.

Please fill X for your favourite name. Sam and Michael already choiced


Takashi Okamoto

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