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Re: about mpkg-j2se (j2se-package)

Hello Everyone!

Takashi Okamoto wrote:
I would like discuss about mpkg-j2se package. It should be upload soon
for sarge. Please give me comment. I modified j2se-package at
following point:

I'm quite new to debian, but I'd like to participate in this discussion. I belive this topic is not only important for me, but for many others aswell. Since i'm frequently using Java, I was first a bit disappointed not to find Suns JDK as a debian package.

I'm aware that it's not free software, but there's lots of great free software based on it. I also appreciate your efforts, to include free alternatives to the Sun JDK into debian. I'll surely try many of them, as soon as I've got other basic stuff working. But as a newbee, i'd simply like to have a good old Sun JDK on my System.

I think j2se-package/mpkg-j2se offer a resonably comfortable way to include a Sun JDK into debian. I was very happy when I first found it on http://z42.de. IMHO it should be included into Debian, to make it easily available for more people. If that should not be possible, maybe someone could place a hint where to find it into the Debian-Java-FAQ.

* j2se-package isn't intuitive and rename to mpkg-j2se.

Here I support the comment of Sam Morris: Make it after the kernel-package:
'java-package' for the package; 'make-jpkg' for the binary.

* Generated j2sdk package by j2se-package didn't provide virtual packages
  like java-runtime/java-virtual-machine. We needed install extra
  package like sun-j2sdk1.4debian to provive these virtual package.
  Generated package by new mpkg-j2se includes these virtual packages
  and we don't need install extra package any more.

If this approach works, it seems preferable to me. Also, I wonder if it is possible to include the specific dependencies of each supported JDK into the packages built. I tried j2se-package with Suns JDK1.3 and JDK1.4. Both of the packages built and installed, and 1.4 is working great so far. But 1.3 would not run because of some library dependancy. Since I'm new to debian, I could not find out yet, which package to install to fix it. If you think this could be helpfull for future versions of 'java-package', i'll tell you more details.

new package is available at following apt-line:

deb http://yamaguch.sytes.net/~tora/tmp/mpkg-j2se ./
deb-src http://yamaguch.sytes.net/~tora/tmp/mpkg-j2se ./

By now, I still have the versions from http://z42.de, but i'll try this as soon as possible.

mpkg-j2se is important package for Debian Java. I think it should be
mainted by Debian Java packaging project. If Hubert and others prefer,
I would like to commit mpkg-j2se to pkg-java project and add Hubert to
Debian Java packaging project to maint mpkg-j2se package.

... see above ...

Many thanks to Hubert and Takashi.

Michael Riedel

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