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about mpkg-j2se (j2se-package)

Hi Hubert and forks,

I would like discuss about mpkg-j2se package. It should be upload soon
for sarge. Please give me comment. I modified j2se-package at
following point:

* j2se-package isn't intuitive and rename to mpkg-j2se.
* Generated j2sdk package by j2se-package didn't provide virtual packages
  like java-runtime/java-virtual-machine. We needed install extra
  package like sun-j2sdk1.4debian to provive these virtual package.
  Generated package by new mpkg-j2se includes these virtual packages
  and we don't need install extra package any more.
* include j2se-package patch for Sun 1.5.0b2
  see http://lists.debian.org/debian-java/2004/06/msg00043.html

new package is available at following apt-line:

deb http://yamaguch.sytes.net/~tora/tmp/mpkg-j2se ./
deb-src http://yamaguch.sytes.net/~tora/tmp/mpkg-j2se ./

mpkg-j2se is important package for Debian Java. I think it should be
mainted by Debian Java packaging project. If Hubert and others prefer,
I would like to commit mpkg-j2se to pkg-java project and add Hubert to
Debian Java packaging project to maint mpkg-j2se package.


Takashi Okamoto

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