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Re: bugwatcher problems

W liście z śro, 14-01-2004, godz. 06:32, Mark Howard pisze: 
> Hi,
>   I was hoping that some Debian Java experts might be able to help out
> with a couple of problems with bugwatcher (debbuggtk package).
>   Bugwatcher works with gij or blackdown java

I must admit that I am tempted to get debbuggtk tools working w/
SableVM. With today's version it really gets far (judging from the
time it takes and hdd activity ;-). I got it working till this moment:

$ bugwatcher 
org/gnu/glade/LibGlade.glade_xml_signal_autoconnect_full  n
(LibGlade.java:118)  org/gnu/glade/LibGlade.<init>   
(LibGlade.java:88)  org/gnu/glade/LibGlade.<init>   
(BugWatcher.java:89)  com/tildemh/debbuggtk/BugWatcher.<init>   
(BugWatcher.java:206)  com/tildemh/debbuggtk/BugWatcher.main   
(VirtualMachine.java:-1)  java/lang/VirtualMachine.invokeMain  n
(VirtualMachine.java:88)  java/lang/VirtualMachine.main   
[jni: fatal error (Local reference capacity exceeded)]

Java specification allows programs to assume that maximum 16 local
references are available, and so SableVM implements it.

As I was told, usually, such error means that an app doesn't free the
references and leaking memory this way. In GNU CP there were lately
quite a few fixes of exactly this kind of problems (and there will
be more).

So, maybe you could take SableVM for a ride and see where's this
lacking "freeing" call :-) Here's what to do:

apt-get install sablevm [*]
and if there were any reason for it, also:

dpkg -i sablevm_1.0.9+svn20040115-2_i386.deb

Either use update-alternatives --config java, to set up
/usr/bin/java-sablevm as the 'java', or change call to 'java' in
scripts starting debbuggtk programs to 'java-sablevm'

Don't hesitate to ask, if I could be of any help for you.
You're also welcomed to mail sablevm-developer@lists.sourceforge.org 


				Grzegorz B. Prokopski

[*] I don't want to upload new sablevm every few days to conserve
autobuilders. Don't believe the svn**** numbers you see. The -2
version is in fact 20040119.

Grzegorz B. Prokopski <gadek@debian.org>
Debian GNU/Linux      http://www.debian.org
SableVM - LGPLed JVM  http://www.sablevm.org
Why SableVM ?!?       http://devel.sablevm.org/wiki/WhySableVM

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