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Re: JAVA_HOME and ant

Hallo Mark,

* Mark Wielaard wrote:
>Try gij-3.3:

Don't have that just now... Yes, unstable is calling, even starting to

>> All compilers I know should be satisfied by that.
>OK. I am not a big Ant user. gcj needs a -C option to compile to byte
>code though. Or a --main <package.MainClass> and -o <binary.name> option
>for compiling to native code.

I think the normal gcj wrapper sets this options. AFAIK, there isn't a
ant wrapper to build to native.

>> But as it is now, it won't be useable form ant. Or does gij include
>> the sun....javah.Main class?
>No. It is a normal program written in C.
>In principle gcj doesn't implement undocumented classes.

Thats a problem in ant: I think the javac task was refactored to use
Delegates for each different java compiler. It seems that it was first
implemented to use the internal sun classes. The problem is, that this
refactoring hasn't happen with javadoc nor any other task, yet.

It would be nice, if ant would include such a delagating mechnism for
each tool, if there are different implementations.

>> Yes, but to make this policy os do something else is IMO not possible.
>> Especially, if we have to consider, that ant should behave 'normaly',
>> when used to develop java apps in, for example, eclipse.
>How do you define normally?

Just as it is now.

>If Ant can only work correctly with non-free programs or VMs then it
>isn't really useful for main is it?

IMO, it isn't fit for main yet: the javadoc task won't work if kaffe
doesn't link a bin/javadoc into java.home. Thats at least how I read
the code. Stefan, have you tried that? 

javac tasks will work.

>> So from debians POV, it shouldn't be a problem to 'construct' such
>> 'ant environments'. Note that not the Virtual maschien should provide
>> all this tools but a 'ant environment'. See the 3 attempt of my
>> proposal.
>OK. It is just that I am not such a big Ant user so I have some
>difficulties seeing how this works.

Note that I have constructed the requirements from using ant in the
eclipse packages and by reading the code. I will try to get a
implementation of this all, after there is a consensus to try out this

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