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Re: newer jikes may never get to testing (and thus stable)

> If the discussed proposal is used, this will be the only way to do it.
> -> A 'ant environment', which will use jikes as a compiler, will set
> the ANT_BUILD_COMPILER to jikes and ant will use jikes as a compiler.

What if I don't want to use ant?

The current jikes-* wrappers let me drop in jikes-* for javac, giving me
the jikes compiler in combination with an appropriate set of bootstrap
classes.  This is necessary because jikes does not come with bootstrap
classes of its own.

I personally use small command-line java compiles (e.g., single runs of
javac) for small programs, small tests, etc.  This is what the jikes
wrappers allow people to do.

Ant is not the tool for every situation, and not everybody uses it.
IMHO it will be quite disappointing if we cannot continue to support
such simple things as basic command-line java compilation.

(This last paragraph is in some part directed at the current java policy
discussions as well, which seem to be very ant-centric).

Ben. :)

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