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Re: [PROPOSAL] dh_ant

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 14:47:35 +0200, Stefan Gybas wrote:

>> I'd propose to conform to dh_* and use something like debian/ant or
>> debian/package.ant
> I think I have a better solution. I'd like to create an Ant class for CDBS

I want both!

Seriously, there are some cases where a full cdbs class would not be that
useful (e.g. where ant is only a small part of the build process - e.g.
jni based libraries). There
are others where it would be great. I think the style of cdbs is to use
debhelper, so an ant cdbs module should do the same. Have the dh_ant
script modify the build.xml file as needed and call ant in The Right Way;
leave everything else (?) to the cdbs module for those who want it.
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