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[PROPOSAL] dh_ant

Hi all,

A lot of java packages are now build  with ant and I feel like it'd be a
good idea  to have  common practices with  ant. The recent  idea comming
with  the  proposed Jetty  package  (debian/ant.properties  file) is  an
example of good practices we could use. 

I'd propose to conform to dh_* and use something like 
debian/ant or

file where properties can be found. 

We could set some classpath properties if upstream does in the build.xml
or   (but   I   did   not   test  it),   setting   the   java.class.path
property.  Also,  as it  was  done in  the  Jetty  proposed package  and
mentioned by Stefan:

We could also put in this ant properties file a property like:

dh_ant  could parse the  properties file  to catch  the location  of the
'-buildfile' location. 

So with the proper debian/package.ant file, we could call it like that:
dh_ant -ppackage target [target] ...

Where package  is the  name of the  package to  build (used to  find the
package.ant file) and target is (are) the target passed to ant

Any comments appreciate, best regards,

-- Arnaud Vandyck

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