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Re: [PROPOSAL] dh_ant

Hallo Arnaud,

* Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
>I'd propose to conform to dh_* and use something like 


>debian/ant or

I don't think that a package.ant will be usefull: In eclipse, I have
two buildfiles (one patched, one "patched into existence"), which I
call tree times each (as the default target is not useable in a debian
environment). None of this targets are package relevants...



And setting some better -Xmx value, as I got OutOfMemoryErrors when I
don't set 256 MB in a 1.3 JDK...

Another idea would be to do a "shlibs thingie" for jars, so that this
could be automated by this dh_ant.

Jan Schulz                     jasc@gmx.net
     "Wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm."

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