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Re: JNI Installation Directories (again)

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> Python case, there is one implementation and it's use /usr/lib/pyhon
> default. So, it's not problem. But in Java case, there are a lot of
> non-opensource implementation and they don't use /usr/lib/jni
> default. So, users must set library path manually and some of them may
> confuse about it.

This was indeed the second part of my proposal - have all debian JVMs include 
/usr/lib/jni in their default library search path, so users don't need to set 
anything manually.

> But if put JNI libraries into /usr/lib, it's easy.

Note that some (prominent) recent non-debian JVMs don't even include /usr/lib 
in the default search path (see #160765), so /usr/lib is no longer an easy 
solution.  This was in fact part of my motivation to have the JNI directory 
standardised, so we can then make all debian JVMs put this directory in their 
default path, and at least have *our* JNI work out of the box.

If you're using a non-debian JVM, it's a simple matter to find which directory 
to add to java.library.path (look in java policy or just see where a package 
installs it files), just like it's a simple matter to find which jars to add 
to $CLASSPATH (look in java policy or just see where a package installs its 


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