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JNI Installation Directories (again)

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Hi.  Regarding my proposal on Oct 5 for a common JNI library directory, there 
don't seem to have been any complaints that I'm aware of.

For this proposal to be implemented, it seems to me it needs:

1) The appropriate additions to java policy;
2) Updates for the various JVMs to include /usr/lib/jni in the default library 
search path;
3) Updates for the various JNI packages to place their modules in 

Particularly (2) and (3) look like they could take some time, so I'd be happy 
to begin working on this now.

It seems to me that (3) won't be able to take place until (2) is under control 
since we want JNI packages to work once they move their modules to 
/usr/lib/jni.  I've done all I can with (1), which is to post the proposal to 
this list for review and file a wishlist bug against java-common.

So it seems the best thing to do from my (non-JVM-maintainer) perspective is 
to start filing wishlist bugs against the various JVMs for (2) and to help 
out with corresponding runtime wrapper scripts if necessary.  Does anyone 
mind if I start on this?

I know the proposal hasn't been accepted into java policy yet; this is why I 
plan to file wishlist bugs.  The reason I want to start now is that policy 
updates seem to take a long time (which I'm not complaining about btw), and 
given that nobody seems to have objected to the original proposal it might be 
worth starting on (2) now so that, assuming the proposal does get accepted, 
the groundwork is ready to begin (3) when the policy update takes place.


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