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Re: tomcat 4, mod_jk

Matt Price wrote:

you'll noticew that the Include line is ocmmented out -- for me, that
line didn't do anything, I guess because mod_jk.conf is EMPTY.

mod_jk.conf is only generated by Tomcat 3.x (Debian package tomcat), not by Tomcat 4.x (Debian package tomcat4). But this feature will also be removed from Tomcat 4.x since it causes a lot of trouble:

* You need to tell Apache to reload its configuration but you don't know
  how long Tomcat needs to generate this file. I was using a few seconds
  delay in tomcat's init script but I got reports from some peope that
  that this delay was not long enough for their configurations.

* This will cause name space pollution, think of the examples webapp.
  All requests for /example (and for Tomcat4 this would also include
  /admin and /manager) on all virtual hosts will we directed to
  Tomcat. That's probably not want the webmaster wants.

So I have decided to not automatically set up Apache any longer. Tomcat 4 provides examples for mod_webapp and Apache2 and it's very easy for the webmaster to add a WebAppMount directive to the virtual host of his choice and probably disable Tomcat's HTTP connector. For development and
testing purposes you should use the HTTP connector, anyway.

Stefan Gybas

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