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Re: Which VM/Compiler

>>>>> "Heiko" == Heiko Garrelts <hgarrelts@web.de> writes:

Heiko> I just want to learn basic Java programming. That means it
Heiko> would be enough to have support for non-gui applications. But I
Heiko> want the package with the most compatibility to the official
Heiko> implementation. The compiler should be easy to use and most
Heiko> important compatible. I should allow JIT and compilations to
Heiko> machine code.

libgcj doesn't have a JIT yet.  No other free JVM has an ahead-of-time

Anyway, try gcj.  It is easy to use.  It is as compatible as we've
been able to make it.

>> libgcj currently doesn't have AWT support.  We hope to include it in
>> the next major release, but of course that is unpredictable.

Heiko> So it will be not in GCC 3.1?

Right.  Nobody is actively working on it.  Pieces are missing.


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