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Which VM/Compiler


I'm both new to Debian and Java. I wanted to learn Java with a free VM and 
compiler. But which one should I choose?
When looking in the Debian package database I found these combinations:
1. Kaffe with Jikes as compiler
2. Gij (uses libgcj for classes) with jikes
3. Gij with Gjc (is this correct, or do I just need 
4. Some other VM which I think are not as complete as the ones mentioned 
above (e.g. kissme with classpath).

Which of these possibilities is the best one if you are a Java beginner? 
Which combination has the most features and compatibility to Java (e.g. I 
read that there is AWT support in Kaffe, is it also in the libgcj?).
Is there a web page which has comparisons of kaffe/libgcj/classpath and 

Tanks for the help

Heiko Garrelts

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