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which JSP engine

Hi list,

I have a client who wishes to run pages created in JSP on our web server.

Up until now I have only had people wanting perl and php access, so I am
faced with the question of which JSP engine to use.

I have downloaded the debian Blackdown Java package, and it appears to be
working as it should, so now I just need some way of adding JSP
functionality to the web server.

I have seen a few solutions for doing this.

* Tomcat + mod-jk
* GNUJSP + jserv
* Jetty (not available as a Debian package)

Can anyone offer any oppinions as to what is a good JSP set up that will
intergrate nicely with existing services on my web server?

Also is there any advantage to running a seperate port for JSP pages or can
I just load a module like jserv or mod-jk so that apache can serve up JSP
pages just like it would for PHP pages or CGI scripts.

I don't mind using something that is not currently debianised if it is
better than any of the packages currently in the Debian distrib.

Thanks for any tips you can give me.

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