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Re: CLASSPATH and Jikes

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 09:19:13PM -0500, ota-2@andrew.pimlott.net wrote:
> So, kaffe would add an alternative of
> /wherever/kaffe/puts/Klasses.jar for (eg)
> /usr/share/java/bootclasses.jar .  And jikes would take its
> bootclasspath (by default) from /usr/shar/java/bootclasses.jar.
> Using bootclasspath instead of classpath gives users the ability to
> add their own libraries to the classpath without worrying about the
> core libraries.
> The one hitch is that I don't see it written anywhere that the
> bootclasspath must be a single JAR.  It might be necessary instead
> for kaffe to supply a file /usr/share/kaffe/bootclasspath containing
> "/wherever/kaffe/puts/Klasses.jar", as an alternative for
> /usr/share/java/bootclasspath.  Then, jikes defaults to "jikes
> -bootclasspath `cat /usr/share/java/bootclasspath`".  Slightly
> annoying, but I believe it covers all the bases.

Or just point to a file that contains the list of all the jars that should
be included in the bootclasspaths. Currently there is no easy way of 
actually providing the bootclasspath short of hardcoding it. Of course
that all breaks thanks to people changing paths to the libraries. And
just before woody too :(

- Adam

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