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Re: JBoss

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Kenneth Pronovici wrote:

> Hello -
> I just found a few-month-old debian-java discussion about JBoss involving the
> three of you.  I was wondering whether you've managed to get a JBoss package
> created and working?  I'd be looking for a binary package for testing, but a
> source package that I can eventually compile under testing would be fine, too.
> I would be happy to help test or debug or whatever is needed.

Yes, I have debs of it.  I even have 2 other developers here at work using
them.  However, I'm currently getting 2.4.4beta up and running(the debs are
2.4.3), and I am preparing an nmu of tomcat, as the current way I integrate
doesn't work, due to bugs in dpkg.

I've filed an ITP, and will probably be uploading in 2 weeks, at the most.  I
don't want to release the debs to the public yet, as I am still playing around
with the debification, and I don't want to deal with upgrade issues from
earlier test debs.

For instance, to go from jboss-tomcat-service 2.4.3-0.17 to
jboss-tomcat-service, requires puring the package, and
possibly manually fixing /etc/init.d/tomcat.  I diverted that conffile in
earlier packages, and dpkg fucks it up when tomcat gets upgraded.  So, for
2.4.4beta, I don't divert anymore, but require tomcat to be split into
separate debs.

Fortunately, I almost have the nmu diff done, and will be sending that to the
bts soon.

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