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Re: Debian bug 120636: New upstream version available (4.0.1)

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Stefan Gybas wrote:

> The Tomcat 4.0.1 binary distribution contains a lot of JAR archives in
> the common/lib directory:
> activation.jar      jta.jar            naming-resources.jar  tyrex.license
> jdbc2_0-stdext.jar  mail.jar           servlet.jar           xerces.jar
> jndi.jar            naming-common.jar  tyrex-

I have debs locally of activation.jar, mail.jar.  I'll convert these to
installers when I have some more time.

tyrex(http://tyrex.exolab.org/) has a bsd-like license, so a deb can be made
of that.

I'll probably end up doing xerces as well.

What are the other jars used for?

> None of them are created from source files in the source archives, they are
> expected to be present when building Tomcat. The Ant build.xml file for
> Tomcat 4.0 contains rules like this one:
>   <target name="copy-jndi.jar" if="copy.jndi.jar">
>     <copy todir="${catalina.build}/common/lib" file="${jndi.jar}"/>
>   </target>
> So the locally installed JAR files are put in the Tomcat binary
> distribution. You have to download some of them from Sun first and accept
> Sun's license. This license allows unmodified redistribution (that's what
> Tomcat and other Jakarta projects do) but they are -- according to the Debian
> Free Software Guideliness -- non-free, of course. So if you want to include
> some of them into a Debian package this package must go to the non-free
> section. This is what Adam Heath plans to do with his JBoss package but I
> don't want to maintain a package in non-free.

No, that's not quite right.  You can only redistribute if you do not allow for
other free implementation to be used in replacement of suns.  Also, only the
software project using these sun jars can distribute them.  That excludes
debian as well.

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