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Re: tomcat-3.2.3-3 and j2* problem

>>>>> "JR" == J R Westmoreland <jr@jrw.org> writes:
    JR> After much trouble I got all the files and tried to install
    JR> them with many errors.

I would very much like to know *exactly* what errors you got.  When I
tested the upgrading to the new j2*1.3 packages from the blackdown
packages, everything worked correctly.

    JR> The tomcat appears to be looking for j2re as a
    JR> package/dependency.

Tomcat isn't working with the j2re1.3 & j2sdk1.3 Debian packages
because neither of them provides j2re, nor will they.  The tomcat
maintainer needs to adjust their dependencies.

Stephen (jdk/j2se maintainer)

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