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Re: Splitting Junit (was: Re: Large-scale java policy violations)

Stefan Gybas <stefan@gybas.com> writes:
> I don't care much if the package is named libjunit-java or junit, but
> I prefer to name application packages (binaries are applications) like
> the application itself.

  Me too, so I guess the question changes into whether junit is an
  application or a library.

> No, but libc6 contains also some binaries

  Sure enough. Got me there. That would indicate that we put
  everything in libjunit-java. But...

> Why can't you include junit.jar in your classpath if the package is
> called "junit"?

  You can, of course. The question is whether the application should
  include a library. Is there precedent? I hope so since I agree that
  "tomcat" is the appropriate name for your package.

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