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On the use of extension directories

Jeff Turner <jeff@socialchange.net.au> writes:
> I think that's best. lib/ext is not overridable by *anything*, not even
> /usr/bin/java. Say I just installed the Tomcat 3.2 .deb, and it put
> servlet.jar (2.2) in lib/ext. Then I want to try out Tomcat 4.0 from
> CVS. It will break because it requires 2.3 of servlet.jar, and lib/ext
> cannot be overridden.

  Who says "lib/ext cannot be overridden?" Are people here saying that
  the extension directory is like /usr/local and shouldn't be touched
  by .debs? Hmmm.

  Anyway, servlet.jar is an excellent example. I had the same problem
  when I was running both jserv (.deb) and tomcat (source).

  I believe both cases could be fixed by appropriate dependencies.
  tomcat would conflict with jserv, kicking out the old servlet.jar,
  and the newer tomcat would update the older tomcat, replacing the
  old servlet.jar.

  But if the extension directory is like /usr/local, I'll have to
  rethink its use by .debs.

  (I think Ben may know "where I'm coming from" now ;-)

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