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Re: clarification (classpath/repository)

Ben Burton wrote:

Okay, so have I got this right?  The proposal is to have a directory for
"standard" jars that are auto-included in the classpath for every JVM,

Yes, though how this is done is to be determined.  For example some JVMs
might not have an "extensions" directory, or if they do it has to be in a specific
provate location.

My suggestion is for each installed JVM can optionally install a "install-jars"
or "update-jars" script.  This script can do whatever is need to update its
classpath, at jar installation time, either creating symlinks from its private
extensions directory, or update a default CLASSPATH inwhatever script it
uses to run aplications, or whatever.

This also ignores version issues - only the "current version" should be auto-included,
whatever that means.

and a directory for "optional" jars that must be manually specified by
startup scripts, etc?

This may be desirable, but less obviously so. An "optional" jar that you don't want in the default classpath is usually something manually downlaoded and not under the control of the package system. If it is not stable enough to be auto-included, it probably isn't stable enough to be managed by the package system,so policy is
not an issue.  At least most of the time ...

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