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Re: Large-scale java policy violations

Ben Burton wrote:

- *All* jars be placed in the optional jar directory, this being
/usr/share/java as it is now.

Ok. We could still discuss if application-specific JARs, e.g. for Tomcat
the Jasper JSP engine, should be put there or in /usr/share/app/lib/
as probably nobody ever wants to include these classes to the

- Standard jars that should be automatically included in the classpath
must be symlinks from /usr/share/java/auto (or whatever we call the
standard jar directory it) into /usr/share/java.

Basically yes, but IMHO this should be the decision of the local admin
and not of the package maintainer. How could he know ig his package
contains "standard" jars? This means that no package should automatically
put jars or symlinks there. This would be /etc/java/default-classpath/ in
my proposal.

Stefan Gybas

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