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Re: clarification (classpath/repository)

> Okay, so have I got this right?  The proposal is to have a directory for
> "standard" jars that are auto-included in the classpath for every JVM,
> and a directory for "optional" jars that must be manually specified by
> startup scripts, etc?

Essentially, that's what I'd like to see. However, I wish it were expanded a
bit to allow for auto-includes of varying scope:

  o System-wide auto-included jars
  o User-specific auto-included jars (ie, "$JAVA_USER_LIBS" env var or
  o Project and/or directory specific jars (ie, "$JAVA_PROJ_LIBS")

With them all appended to the classpath in reverse order (so that the
project-specific ones pre-empt the user-specific ones which pre-empt the
system-wide ones.

- Joe

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