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Re: Packages that require Java 2 ?

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Burton <bburton@mail.math.okstate.edu> writes:
    Ben> Virtual package java2-runtime is fine with me.  I'm even
    Ben> happy with provides: java-virtual-machine, java2-runtime
    Ben> since the former says "I do java" and the latter is more
    Ben> designed to specify a version of the core classes.

Until, and unless, there exists even the wiff of an alternate Java2
implementation *in Debian*, I flat out don't see the point of this.

    Ben> May I also ask what the impending blackdown packages in
    Ben> non-free will be called?  Will they still be j2re1.3 and
    Ben> j2sdk1.3?

They will, though they'll look like an NMU to force folks to upgrade
to "real" Debian packages.

Stephen (jdk (yes, all of them) maintainer)

"If I claimed I was emporer just cause some moistened bint lobbed a
scimitar at me they'd put me away"

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