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Re: Packages that require Java 2 ?

> I think his (Juergen's) point is that j2re is simply a better
> description of this claim than java2-virtual-machine.

True, but my concern was that the current blackdown packages seem to be
named j2re1.3 and j2sdk1.3, and I'd personally be happier if the virtual
package doesn't appear tied to a specific JVM package (whether or not it
actually is, and the other proposed virtual package j2re1.3 would be
absolutely tied to this JVM package).  I prefer a nice generic name like
www-browser, java2-runtime, etc.

Virtual package java2-runtime is fine with me.  I'm even happy with
provides: java-virtual-machine, java2-runtime since the former says "I do
java" and the latter is more designed to specify a version of the core

Any other contributers to this discussion?

May I also ask what the impending blackdown packages in non-free will be
called?  Will they still be j2re1.3 and j2sdk1.3?

Thanks - Ben.

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