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Re: Packages that require Java 2 ?

> 	Do you mean that the java2-virtual-machine-dummy package should also
> 	provide java-virtual-machine ?

Well, that too, but that's not what I meant. :)

No, I mean for instance kaffe should provide java-virtual-machine, but 
j2sdk1.3 should provide both java-virtual-machine and java2-virtual-machine.

This at least means that even though you don't have dependencies for virtual 
packages, you still have a way of requiring Java2.  But OTOH j2sdk1.3 will 
still satisfy the less stringent requirement of "any java", i.e. 

>  hmm... should it then 'conflict' with
> 	java-virtual-machine-dummy (if it provides java-virtual-machine) as
> 	they would both try to manage the same thing ?

I don't think the -dummy packages are crucial to the argument since there's 
no guarantee that anyone even has them installed (you should only use them if 
you use a non-debian JVM and want to tell debian that you have it).

Having said that, I'm not fussed whether j2-v-m-d and j-v-m-d conflict.

Ben. :)


Ben Burton
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