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Java file location (Re: More JNI thoughts)

Hi, all!1

At Sun, 1 Jul 2001 11:17:00 -0500,
Ben Burton wrote:
> Hi.  Okay, so to be as tacky as to follow up to my own email:
> What if there were a specification in the java policy that all JNI modules 
> are placed in /usr/lib/java/jni (or somewhere else appropriate beneath 
> /usr/lib) and that each JVM be required to append /usr/lib/java/jni to its 
> java.library.path?

It seems good:)

I think we should decide these proposal quickly because debian-policy
for woody will be fixed by _July 21st_ (Anthony Towns posted it to
debian-devel-announce ml).

Well, I post proposal about java file location (maybe disscussed here

[class files(*.class)]

[jar files(*.jar)]

[web applications(*.war)]

I may permit uncompressed war file here.

* above three directories (jar, classes, war) are generic in jakarta
  project. I prefere these directory names.

[vm specific class files]
/usr/share/java/vm/${vmname} (maybe japhar, kissme, ..*.jar and *.class)

for examples:
	kaffe  /usr/share/java/vm/kaffe/Klasses.jar 
	j2sdk1.3 or j2re1.3 /usr/share/java/vm/j2re1.3/rt.jar
	kissme /usr/share/java/vm/kissme/...
		(uncompressed class files)
	japhar /usr/share/java/vm/japhar/...
		(uncompressed class files)

[JNI modules(lib*.so)]

Do you have any opinions?

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