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More JNI thoughts

Hi.  Okay, so to be as tacky as to follow up to my own email:

What if there were a specification in the java policy that all JNI modules 
are placed in /usr/lib/java/jni (or somewhere else appropriate beneath 
/usr/lib) and that each JVM be required to append /usr/lib/java/jni to its 

The reason I suggest this is that we already need to specify each and every 
jar that we use on the classpath (for which there are valid reasons), but 
having JNI stuff scattered in random locations means that there is then a 
slew of paths to add to java.library.path in addition to the jars. 

Now I can understand having to specify each jar to control what classes are 
available, but having to specify each JNI module as well seems redundant to 
me. This proposal means we keep stuff out of /usr/lib proper but (assuming 
the JVM plays along) everything is still transparent to the user or other 

So anyway.  There you have it.



Ben Burton
benb@acm.org  |  bab@debian.org
Public Key: finger bab@debian.org

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